About Us

What Is Our Mission?

Our mission is to provide a wide group of investors with access to an investment service which was previously reserved for the very wealthy.

What Does Scalable Capital Do in 3 Sentences?
  1. We provide a personalised, globally-diversified portfolio designed to create long-term wealth.
  2. To do this, we select the best and most cost-efficient Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  3. We monitor and manage your portfolio continuously with our proprietary risk management technology.
What Are the Advantages of Scalable Capital?

We offer you a convenient, cost-effective, transparent and intelligent way of investing.

What this means for you?


We offer the most convenient form of investment: private wealth management. This service was previously only available to very wealthy investors. What you get from our service is full management of your investment assets so that you can concentrate on other important things in life. We don’t sell you individual financial products or ask you to make complex investment decisions.

Low Costs

Low costs and fees are among the most important factors for a successful investment. We provide investment management for only 0.75% per year. This covers investment management, trading, technology, custody and includes VAT.

The reason we are able to offer our service at such an affordable price is that we avoid all unnecessary costs and replace them with the efficient use of technology. We don’t run a branch network, we do not employ consultants or fund managers, we don’t use expensive investment products and we avoid any investments which may have hidden fees, sales charges or other fees. We create our investment portfolios exclusively using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). This enables us to gain global access to the capital markets whilst remaining cost-effective. The cost of investing in these ETFs within each client portfolio adds up to 0.16% per annum. These costs are expected to fluctuate modestly over time.


Our investment management is completely transparent. Firstly, we have a clear and understandable cost structure. Secondly, our independence from banks, fund providers and other stakeholders in the financial market enables us to be completely transparent and focus 100% on the best interest of our clients. Our platform is designed to be easy to use and accessible on both web and mobile. We make it simple for you to see your performance, how you are invested, any transactions in your account as well as all fees paid.

Intelligent risk management technology

Warren Buffett’s mentor, Benjamin Graham said: “The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.”

Countless empirical studies show: The selection of individual securities based on expected increases in value (so-called stock-picking) is not effective. Whilst returns cannot be predicted, risk can be predicted with reasonable accuracy. We use this structure in the market as the basis of our advanced risk management model, which until now was not available to private investors.

Your personal investment strategy is assigned a percentage risk level which translates to a loss level which should not be exceeded in 95% of all outcomes. If our model predicts that your portfolio may exceed this level then a risk-reducing portfolio reallocation is done automatically, for example, through reallocation of shares to bonds.

Conversely, in periods of low market risks, our model will execute a risk-enhancing reallocation to increase the amount of risk in your portfolio up to your risk level. By doing this no return potential is wasted by having a portfolio which is too conservative.

Overall your investment risk is always controlled dynamically and does not just fluctuate in unison with the risks of the financial markets.

Is Scalable Capital an Independent Company?

Yes, Scalable Capital is an independent company. We have no incentives to invest in any way other than to maximise the wealth of our clients.

BlackRock, Inc. is an (indirect) shareholder of the parent company of Scalable Capital Limited. The management of Scalable Capital Limited makes the operational decision of selecting ETFs for the investment universe exclusively through objective criteria based on clients' best interests. Scalable Capital Limited is in no way incentivised to prefer some ETFs over others, be it those of BlackRock or of any other provider.

Does Scalable Capital Offer Financial Advice?

Our online service is our discretionary offering in which we do not provide advice as part of that journey. However, we do have financial advisors at Scalable Capital and financial advice can be provided remotely or in person, if required due to your personal circumstances.

An initial consultation is free of charge and is designed to assess your financial situation and decipher the best course of action for you as an individual.

If our advice service is suitable for you, we will then arrange a time for you to speak to one of our qualified financial advisers. After a full review of your current situation and future goals, you will receive a full report and the best possible strategy to meet those goals. The cost of this service is fixed at £200, no matter how complicated your financial circumstances may be.

To book your free initial consultation call, please visit this page: https://uk.scalable.capital/book-a-call

We believe in offering a comprehensive investment service where we take full control of your investments taking the onus off you. This is why we offer a solution online where we monitor your portfolio round the clock and make all investment decisions for you while giving you full transparency on how your money is invested at all times - a service once reserved for the very wealthy.

Can I Access My Portfolio at Any Time?

Yes absolutely. You have full access to your portfolio at all times. We don’t believe in just sending a monthly or quarterly report. We allow all of our clients to view their investments and how they are performing at any given time either online or on their mobile. You can sign in to see your portfolio breakdown, your past performance, your recent transactions as well as all costs incurred. In addition, you can contact our Customer Service at +44203 750 0703 or via email at support@scalable.capital.

Can I Change the Investments in My Portfolio Myself?

At Scalable Capital we believe that human emotion and behaviour is one of the main contributing factors to why portfolios underperform. We offer a carefully designed dynamic risk management service at low-cost. Individual interventions in your portfolio will jeopardise the implementation of our investment strategy. For this reason, we do not allow you to change the investments in your portfolio.

However we do ask you to update us periodically with information on your investment goals, your financial situation and your knowledge/experience. Should there be any significant changes, we will determine a new investment strategy for you to ensure the new strategy is suitable. You also have the ability to re-take our risk questionnaire at any time should you wish to.