Your Self-Invested Personal Pension.


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  • Deposits subject to the annual SIPP limit (£40,000 for the tax year 2017/18) as well as the lifetime allowance (currently £1 million).
  • Withdrawals possible from the age of 55.
  • Income tax relief on your deposits, no capital gains or income tax on returns. However, you may be liable for taxation under current SIPP rules for withdrawals.
  • Can be used for a new SIPP or to transfer existing SIPPs.

When investing, your capital is at risk. Learn more about risk here.

Actively Managing Risk Using Data and Technology.

We use cutting-edge technology and the latest research on capital markets and financial econometrics in order to regularly monitor the risk in your portfolio. If required, we make adjustments to your portfolio to keep its risk in line with your individual risk category. Instead of using static weights for different asset classes to approximate a certain degree of risk, we measure risk itself and adopt a fluid approach to asset class weights to ensure your portfolio truly reflects your desired risk exposure.

Our risk management technology enables:


Better control over your downside risk, which at the same time improves risk-adjusted returns.


A better understanding of the actual risk in your portfolio.

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More peace of mind by limiting unexpected portfolio fluctuations, helping you to stay invested.

Watch our videos on risk management to find out more about why risk management is possible and how it is practiced at Scalable Capital to achieve better risk-adjusted returns.

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