Security Is Our Priority.

We are committed to providing you with the maximum available security for both your account and your data.

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Security for Your Money and Assets.

UK Custodian Bank.

We open an account for you at our UK custodian
bank, Winterflood Securities Limited.

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Your Bank Account

Withdrawals or transfers to your bank account can be done exclusively through your linked account. Your assets cannot be transferred to other accounts.

Your Money

In the unlikely event of fraud (incl. during insolvency), you may be entitled to compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Investments are covered to a limit of £50,000.

Your Assets

The securities in your portfolio are kept separately from the bank’s assets. The bank never lends your assets to a third party or mixes them with Scalable Capital’s own assets.

Scalable Capital

Scalable Capital only manages your assets for you, by buying and selling securities on your behalf to optimise your portfolio. We are not authorised to hold your assets.

Your Data Is Protected with Advanced Security Technology.

We use modern IT infrastructure in order to ensure the safety of your data. Personal information is always encrypted and stored in a data centre in Dublin, Ireland.


Data Protection


Modern Technology

Your personal and account information are protected in our system against unauthorised access. They are always encrypted when transmitted and stored (TSL / SSL).

Our system architecture allows access to your data exclusively via authenticated programmatic interfaces (API, Authentication, SSL, Certificate Pinning) as well as predetermined-only applications and servers. In addition, every access request is logged to our database.

Our websites, servers and apps are regularly updated with the latest security technology.

Through the use of cloud infrastructure, with multiple data centres in Dublin, we can ensure continuous system availability even in the event of natural disasters or extraordinary peak loads.

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