Scalable Capital Doubles Its Assets Under Management to £200 Million

Update 21 April 2017 Scalable Capital has now reached a new milestone as it manages over £200 million of client assets (AuM). Client assets are growing by more than £5 - 7 million per week.

London, 30 March 2017 Scalable Capital has doubled its assets under management in the past three months and now manages €200 million on behalf of its clients. It is one of the fastest-growing Fintech companies in Europe.

"Our assets are growing by more than one million euros per day. Our service has really struck a chord with frustrated retail investors who know that they should be making their money work harder but the lack the time or expertise to manage their investments on their own, or who are frustrated with the high costs of traditional solutions. We are addressing this gap with our cost-efficient, technology-driven and intelligent wealth management proposition, " says Adam French, founder and CEO of Scalable Capital.

Investments of €40,000 per client

Scalable Capital went live in the UK in summer 2016. In January 2017, the Fintech start-up began a collaboration with Siemens Private Finance which selected Scalable Capital as its exclusive partner to offer a wealth management solution to Siemens employees in Germany.

The company currently manages approximately 5,000 bespoke ETF portfolios for clients with an average value of €40,000. Scalable Capital’s clients are on average 46 years old and are well educated; more than 90 percent hold an academic degree. Around two thirds of its clients have a background in economics, technology or engineering. Bankers represent the biggest customer group at 20 percent of all clients.

The Only European Start-Up Named in CNBC Upstart 25 List

Scalable Capital was recently selected as the only European start-up on CNBC’s exclusive ‘Upstart 25’ list. CNBC created the list to reflect their views on the brightest, most intriguing technology-driven startups which promise to become the household brands of tomorrow. Scalable Capital has also been identified by Citywire as one of the top 10 wealth management firms to watch in 2017. Moreover, Adam French, Founder and CEO of Scalable Capital, has been identified by PAM as one of the Top 40 Under 40 as one of the rising stars in private wealth.

About Scalable Capital

Only a year since launch, Scalable Capital is the fastest-growing digital wealth manager in Europe. It already manages more than €200m in assets for 5,000 clients and is growing at a rate of more than €1million a day. It operates in three countries (Germany, UK and Austria).

Scalable Capital has fundamentally changed investing by using technology at the heart of its service. It combines a data-driven investment process, low fees and exemplary client service do deliver three key client outcomes:

  • A better understanding of risk. Its technology allows the company to drop vague risk labels like “balanced” or “conservative”. Instead it provides clients with a percentage which quantifies the potential downside in a bad year. No more guessing.
  • Better risk-adjusted returns. It aims to generate better return for every unit of risk taken and focuses on downside risk. Investors don’t get rewarded for exposure to the excess risk associated with more volatile markets. The dynamic risk management used by Scalable Capital smoothes returns during these periods of extreme volatility.
  • Less emotional stress. By keeping risk stable in all market conditions, Scalable Capital helps clients stay invested in capital markets for longer so they can grow their wealth in the long term.

Built by a team of 50 experts spanning finance, technology and academia, Scalable Capital has created a service which makes investment management cheaper, more accessible and more convenient. It does this by using technology every step of the way. As CNBC recently summarised: “Online investing made better, not just cheaper”.

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