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Your Investment, Always in Sight.

bulletpoint_check_green_oldstyle Check your current portfolio composition.

bulletpoint_check_green_oldstyle See how your portfolio is performing.

bulletpoint_check_green_oldstyle Set up and edit your monthly savings plan.

bulletpoint_check_green_oldstyle Make free deposits and withdrawals.

bulletpoint_check_green_oldstyle Talk to our experts via the in-app-chat or leave them a message.

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A Globally Diversified Portfolio, Tailored to You.

Through our interactive questionnaire, we provide you with a personalised portfolio in line with your risk tolerance.
Signup and identification processes are completely paperless, saving you time and resources.
Keep track of your portfolio’s change and performance in real-time, at your convenience.

Intelligent Investing With Our New App.

  1. Download the Scalable Capital app for iOS or Android.
  2. Sign in or open an account via the app.
  3. Access your personalised portfolio, managed by Scalable Capital.
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