Rishi Stocker

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Rishi Stocker, 27

went into FinTech Business Development after graduating from university. He was aware that his cash savings could be invested more efficiently but lacked the time to invest himself. He was impressed by our team and risk management methodology so decided to sign up as a client.

Do you consider yourself an experienced investor?
I work in FinTech so am aware of the new wave of digital investment managers but I had never actually invested myself until I came across Scalable Capital. I simply didn’t have the time or expertise to privately invest my own savings. I had looked into a few investment managers before but was wary of the costs involved and potentially lengthy sign-up processes.

What are your main objectives for investing?

My long-term objective is to save for a deposit and buy a property in London. I had some savings but they were invested in cash and weren’t working hard enough to enable me to reach my goal. I also wanted to make sure that the route I chose gave me easy access to my money in case I needed to make a withdrawal for any reason.

What is your risk category?

My risk category is 9% VAR which feels right for me at the moment.

What matters to you when it comes to investing?

There are three things I look for when it comes to investment managers, all of which are equally important.

Firstly I want a service that monitors risk 24/7 and constantly makes adjustments accordingly to keep the risk in my portfolio in check.

Secondly, having researched the detrimental impact of fees, a lower-cost service is very important to me. I wasn’t sure if I would find a bespoke portfolio at a lower cost until I came across Scalable. Finally I look for excellent online facilities, supported by a mobile app that makes it easy to sign up and stay on top of the performance of my portfolio.

Why did you choose Scalable Capital?

I chose Scalable Capital because of their sophisticated, technology-driven way of managing portfolios and making adjustments according to risk tolerance.

I have always been wary of humans being able to manage risk satisfactorily so was delighted to find an investment manager using an algorithm to do this instead. I was also very assured by the backgrounds of the management team.

How have you found Scalable Capital so far?

The whole experience has been completely hassle-free and confidence inspiring. It seems Scalable have created the perfect balance between technology-driven systems and human expertise.

Do you check your investments via app or online?

I check my investments via my mobile app.


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