Mark Carstairs

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Mark Carstairs, 34

is an Electronic Engineer at an Engineering Consultancy. In the past he has privately invested for himself using self-directed platforms but no longer has enough time to research and manage his portfolio effectively. He read the White Paper and liked our algorithm investing and global diversification so decided to give his portfolio to us to manage instead.

Do you consider yourself an experienced investor?

I do consider myself to be relatively experienced. I have certainly done a lot more research, reading and experimentation than most, but that hasn’t necessarily translated into great success! I’ve used an ISA in the past to trade shares and invest in mutual funds and ETFs. I’ve also traded forex and futures online.

What are your main objectives for investing?

Initially I wanted to use my investment portfolio to supplement my income, so that one day I may be able to become a self-employed trader with a lot more freedom. I do realise that this is a highly unlikely scenario, but that was my initial aim.

Aside from that, I just wanted to put my money to work to try and maximise my income to broaden my future options, whether that is paying off my mortgage, upgrading the house or putting my kids through university.

Scalable Capital Digital Wealth Manager

What is your risk category?

My risk category is 15% VaR which is about the average risk that Scalable Capital offer.

What matters to you when it comes to investing?

I’m definitely looking for something that is lower cost. There are a lot of funds out there which basically destroy your returns through fees, especially once you compound them over the years. I want to be able to manage my risk and understand the basis on which investment decisions are made. I don’t want to be locked in and I would like to work within an ISA wrapper where possible.

Why did you choose Scalable Capital?

I have invested a huge amount of time educating myself about investment management and monitoring my own portfolio, I just don’t have the time to keep up with markets any more and to cap it off, my performance wasn’t actually that good. I realise that I would have been better off just sticking the money in a fund and spending my time doing other things!

I have been interested in robo advisors for a while so started looking into the various offerings. I’m an Engineer and passionate about technology so when I read the White Paper on the Scalable Capital website, the concept of algorithmic-investing made sense to me. I thought they were worth investigating. The cost savings they offer are attractive, especially when you actually look at how many actively managed funds actually outperform their benchmark, despite their higher management fees.

Finally, I wanted my portfolio to be globally diversified and this seemed an effective way of doing so.

How have you found Scalable Capital so far?

Scalable saves me hours of manual portfolio management and produces greater returns. In terms of customer service, Scalable Capital has been great; always very responsive and helpful.


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