julia prisenko

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Julia Prisenko

is a Vice President in Syndicated Finance at ING Bank, based in London. She holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Economics from the Helsinki School of Economics, Finland. She has invested sporadically over the years but wanted to increase the diversification of her portfolio and target higher returns. Shortly after attending one of our investment seminars, she signed up as a client.

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Do you consider yourself an experienced investor?

I don’t really consider myself to be an experienced investor but I have previously invested in some equity-linked debt instruments, through my Relationship Manager. Generally my investing activity has been sporadic and mostly limited to fixed-rate bonds, ISAs, and other lower risk/lower return alternatives.

What are your main objectives for investing?

I wanted to increase the diversification of my portfolio across asset classes and also to target a higher return.

My investment horizon is definitely long term and my objective is to grow the capital for any future significant investments.

What is your risk category?

My risk category was at the lower end of the scale, but I recently increased it to medium which I am very happy about.

What matters to you when it comes to investing?

There are three things that are equally important to me. Firstly transparency about my portfolio is vital and I always want a full and clear picture of my position. I also want a 24/7 service of risk monitoring and adjustments to ensure that the risk of my portfolio doesn’t alter from the level I originally agreed to. Thirdly, I don’t want to find myself spending my income on fees, so finding a lower cost service that also offers tailor-made portfolios is really important.

Why did you choose Scalable Capital?

Initially I went to a presentation given by Adam at the Cass Business School. I really enjoyed it and wanted to find out more so then went along to an investment seminar which Adam and Ella presented at in South Kensington. I was really impressed with their professionalism, backgrounds and the way they presented the company and service they offer. So many of the points that Adam and Ella made about investment management strongly resonated with me and they were so spot on about the challenges of investor behaviour (mine included!). The team was an immediate hit.

How have you found Scalable Capital so far?

Really user friendly, flexible and effective way of investing at your level of risk.

In the first instance it is all about the people and the trust you think you can place with them. And the team was an immediate hit.

Do you check your investments via app or online?

I use the app mainly and rarely go online. But definitely important to keep the online option open for signing up, I think I would have struggled with the app only.

How satisfied are you with the overall service provided by Scalable Capital?

I am very satisfied. The signing up procedure was very easy and all additional queries were dealt with quickly by a very friendly professional team.
The app gives a very clear understanding about the construction of the portfolio; the monthly invoices are clear; the presentation material is providing a clear guidance about the investment approach and so on. And a pleasing performance so far on top!


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