Aidan and Josie Nicholson

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Aidan and Josie Nicholson,
late 30s

met at Oxford University. Aidan now works in Financial Services and Josie is a Psychologist. Aidan has been privately investing since his late teens but three small children mean he now has less time to research the markets. He started to look for a wealth manager able to manage his portfolio and liked our investment framework. After reading our White Paper and finding out about our management team, he decided to give us their portfolio to manage.

Do you consider yourself an experienced investor?

(Aidan) Yes, I do consider myself to be experienced. I have been active in the stock market since my late teens, investing in direct equity including AIM stocks and closed-end funds using low-cost online brokers. I have also invested in unlisted equity in the past.

However, the combination of work and three young children means that I have less time to devote to our investments, and subsequently our performance has suffered. I started to look for a wealth manager who could take control of our investments for me.

What are your main objectives for investing?

(Josie) We don’t have a specific objective, it’s more rainy-day money, or hopefully money for our retirement.

What is your risk category?

(Josie) My risk category is 23% and Aidan’s is 25%. These were the highest-risk categories that we were allowed.

(Aidan) Hopefully, we will not have cause to take this money out for a long time. A long timeframe will enable us to benefit from the compounding of higher returns that the higher-risk categories imply.

What matters to you when it comes to investing?

(Aidan) Making money – but this is always easier said than done!

From my own investing experience, I firmly believe that active management can add value over passive, but I had great difficulty finding a manager to trust with our money. Most charge large fees to delegate decision-making to one person or a panel of individuals without any clear framework on their investment strategy. This makes it very difficult to assess the likelihood of future returns, particularly as there is a risk the individuals making the decisions may change without notice. I came very close to adopting a low-cost passive strategy before I found Scalable.

Why did you choose Scalable Capital?

(Aidan) I chose Scalable because I finally felt that I had found a manager who could generate more value from their process than they charged in fees over the long term. I liked their process: actively managing individual holdings against a well-defined risk/return framework in a well-diversified portfolio. The white paper on their website provided good evidence about why this approach should work in the long term.

The background of the team involved with Scalable also gave me confidence in what they are doing – and as they are the founders of the firm, I think they will probably not be leaving anytime soon!

How have you found Scalable Capital so far?

(Josie) Pleasantly surprised. I was conscious this is a relatively low-cost online business, so was slightly wary of the levels of service we could expect. However, there were real people on the end of the phone who were very responsive when we encountered small issues setting up and getting money transferred into our new accounts. So far, investment returns have kept up with fees, so that is another positive.

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Do you check your investments via app or online?

I really like the app – a lot of information very easily available.

How satisfied are you with the overall service provided by Scalable Capital?

Very satisfied, thank you.


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